GRIMER is one of the leading manufacturers of gabions, fences and profiles for the dry system in Albania and the Balkan region. The products manufactured by GRIMER are in accordance with EUROPEAN standards and quality management has been approved by recognized international institutions.

GRIMER is a certified company with:

– Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001:2015 standards
– Occupational Health and Safety Management System according to EN ISO 45001:2018 standards
– Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001:2015 standards
– Application of an integrated management system in accordance with PAS 99:2012

Grimer shpk has about 10,000 m2 of processing facilities. The production technology is modern and according to all the rules of the European Community. During our experience in the market, we have realized that successful and long-term collaborations with our customers are based on quality.

Policy of GRIMER SHPK (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001)

GRIMER SH.P.K. as a company producing quality products, in its activity it gives special importance to the Quality Management System, Environment, Safety and Health at Work. To enable this in its Policy Grimer Sh.p.k. undertakes that:

  1. To be a reliable company that meets the needs and expectations of customers in all its processes by measuring customer satisfaction with the aim of continuous service improvement.
  2. To closely follow the technological developments of the sector where the activity is carried out with the aim of reducing costs and production with indisputable quality.
  3. To include all employees and the administration in the Quality Management System by enabling them with continuous training.
  4. To stimulate the spirit of teamwork in order to create the most competent and capable employees.
  5. To create the most appropriate and safe environments for its employees and to ensure equal opportunities for all without gender, racial, ethnic or religious differences by planning and continuously developing staff trainings with the aim of eliminating Health and Safety risks Work.
  6. To create a spirit of trust and continuous cooperation with its suppliers.
  7. By using its resources in the most efficient way to produce quality products and services with the aim of increasing the recognition of Albanian products in the region and in the world.
  8. Participation in national and international projects by fulfilling all the technical conditions, the required quality and with the most suitable budget.
  9. Having a positive influence on the economy of Albania to produce and serve, constantly bearing in mind the obligations towards the environment and nature wherever it develops its activity, determining the environmental aspects, analyzing the risks and undertaking the necessary activity to minimize the impact on the environment.
  10. Continuous improvement of the quality of our activities, products and services by applying continuous controls through the Quality Management System with the aim of eliminating inherent risks.
  11. The continuous determination of Objectives in relation to the three systems, the initiation of activities necessary for their achievement and the measurement of performance.
  12. Full follow-up and fulfillment of all legal requirements of the Republic of Albania and orientation of its activity based on legislation.